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Producto de Nomadesk

Nomadesk es un software de sincronización y compartición de archivos empresariales que permite a sus clientes profesionales editar, compartir, sincronizar y proteger archivos desde cualquier lugar, tanto en línea como fuera de línea, sin límites fijos en cuanto a la cantidad de almacenamiento que usted pone en sus espacios. Disfrute del almacenamiento ilimitado.

Plan disponible:

  • Nomadesk Business File Sharing and Synchronization

How Nomadesk works

Nomadesk creates encrypted, virtual hard drives on your computer – "Vaults". Place your files in a Vault and they are automatically:

  • Encrypted and Cached on the Vault - files are offline available; traceable with remote wipe (i.e., Theftguard)
  • Synchronized to your other devices using a delta-block sync protocol
  • Shared – invite others to your Vaults for collaborating on files; use the Nomadesk widget to automatically publish content on your website; share file links via the Outlook plugin
  • Backed-up in a Secure Data Center – retention of multiple versions; cloud based trashcan, data centers in North Carolina, Frankfurt
  • Mobilized – your files are made accessible via any smartphone, tablet; encrypted cache with remote wipe
  • Online Editable – through our Office 365 integration, you can effortlessly view, edit and collaborate simultaneously on Office files from any device.

Nomadesk & Office 365: The perfect bundle for your business

Nomadesk is a perfect add-on for your business file sharing needs within Office 365.

3-Step Process to use Nomadesk with Office 365 online:

  1. Make sure you have an Office 365 + Nomadesk subscription
  2. Go to
  3. Right click on an Office file and select “Edit with Office Online”.

Find out how Nomadesk integrates with Office 365 suite, and learn about its high-touch security and productivity features.

  • Integration with Microsoft Azure AD for authentication
  • Flexible Licensing - there is no minimum commit, the minimum is one licenses, you can commit to a yearly plan and benefit from a discount
  • If you choose to locally cache data on your device, that data is encrypted and not exposed to others if Nomadesk is not active. This is complemented with remote wipe and device tracking.
  • Nomadesk does not do direct business and relies 100% on channel partners for their advisory role and added value when it comes to selling Nomadesk to business Users.
  • Nomadesk allows to create an unlimited number of virtual drives, and lets you dynamically choose which drives to locally cache and which drives to only cache in the cloud (access via Browser or Apps).
  • Collaborative online editing with Office365 online
  • Nomadesk offers the best price for comparable solutions in the market, compared to DropBox Business.
  • The Nomadesk server client allows users on the internal network to share via the traditional file share while outsiders work via the Nomadesk cloud with people at the inside.
  • Nomadesk has on premises options, the backend can be deployed in the DC of the customer or you may deploy a rebranded version of our backend in your DC and sell multi-tenant, leveraging on the geography of your brand
  • Advanced rebranding & theming options, which include rebranding of the mobile apps

Nomadesk vs Others

Nomadesk Dropbox Business OneDrive for Business
Licensing Flexible, minimum 1 monthly license Minimum commitment - 3 monthly licenses Annual commitment
Encryption on Device
100% Channel Partners
Server Client
Rebranding Options
On Premises Options
Virtual Drives Unlimited and configurable per device 2 (Business and Personal) 1
Getting Started with Nomadesk
Nomadesk for Business Customers and Channel Partners
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